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baratin debordant

Welcome to Baratin Debordant.
Links to find out more about me, my published work, and my blog site can be found below. Thanks for visiting! I hope you enjoy browsing around the place.

I created this site as a depository of the overflowing words that never seem to have a home outside my head. Creativity being in short demand these days, I needed a place to express mine.

Bits and pieces of those thoughts can be found on my blog. Please visit today.

"Baratin Debordant" is pigin-french for "overflowing blah blah blah..." so you get the idea of what you might find on this site. What i say, "Blah blah blah" and what you interpret it to mean may be two different things. But i am willing to risk that

Moving clock courtesy of In the Aquarium's blog site (original source unkown).
If you don't see a clock swimming around your screen, turn off your pop-up or ad blocker.

Isn't this is amazing?
I don't know who wrote this code, but it sure is clever.
Move the mouse around and watch what happens.

People shouting at the world over megaphones; Size=240 pixels wide

If you think I'm not working, you are wrong.

"For most people, writing really does not look like work. You sit there. You think about things. You consult other books. You type. It is all very internal, and very quiet, and sometimes it involves spending an hour or two reading what others have written, and occasionally it involves a walk, or a nap, and from the outside, to the untrained eye, it looks a lot like youre just hanging out, or daydreaming, or...taking a nap."-- J. Weiner on the art of writing       

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