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baratin debordant

getting to know me....

I live in the Midwest, and I don't apologize for that choice. After living in 6 states, i made more than a cheap guess as to where my life might have more purpose. We have been here for 10 years--the longest we've ever lived anywhere! Right on the Mississippi - with a view of the Meramec Valley out my kitchen window. No purple mountains majesty, Joshua trees, cricks, or plains.


How I spend my time:

I divide my time among my family, teaching, writing, making music, the study of theology, and developing better spiritual habits.
Some of those things I am very good at, and the others need more of my attention.


Chihuly boat party at Missouri Botanical Garden--on display thru Oct. 2006

Today's favorite place!

Chihuly's art glass
A remarkable garden adventure
that even Alice would find incomparable.

Favorite Baby!

Favorite books:
almost too many to list
Better start with authors -
Annie Lamont
JRR Tolkein
CS Lewis
Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Madeleine L'Engle

Favorite movie:
Barfly - don't ask me why....

Favorite music:
Vivaldi's Four Seasons - if I can only choose one.

My psychological profile:
Myers-Briggs - ENFP
Enneagram - 9
(does that explain anything?)

Favorite foods -
MUST have real Espresso in the A.M.
           I became one with Illy Coffee;
           but lately I am forming a bond with Kaldis Espresso Malta.
Hot and spicey food! Lots of cilantro!
Wine and cheese and all things french.


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